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These hacks are so refreshing, you should definitely give them a try!

These toothpaste hacks are crazy indeed yet they’re so effective and may come in handy any day.

If you don’t wanna throw away an almost empty toothpaste tube and wanna use it till the last drop which is a great thing to do! Here’s how you do it: cut out the upper edge of the toothpaste tube and insert a dispencer device from any ampty shower gel or liquid soap.

Here’s a recipe for a super effective cleaning solution. Pour a bottle of Coke into a plastic bottle and add some toothpaste. Take a spray device. Spray it on the rust or any other kind of dirt on your ceramics and faucets. And just wash it off!

If you need to clean your phone’s camera or camera lens, do the following. Hold an egg above the candle fire. Apply the ashes on the cotton pad, put some toothpaste on top and clean the lenses.


1:28 Speed up nail growth
4:02 Removing strong odors
8:20 How to keep it clean

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16 thoughts on “25 EXTRA FRESH LIFE HACKS

  1. Do you want to make your teeth whiter, but don’t know how to do it safely at home? Oh, we know what to offer you 😉 Just look to the hacks starting at 9:30!
    Or maybe you have your own methods? Tell us about it! 😊

    1. GamerGirl86# XBOX ONE well i didnt tbh i dont have time for nonsence, i just wanted to see the lvl of clickb8 and garbage in the vid, had to watch only the 1st 10seconds

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