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Brilliant ways to re-purpose jeans

Jeans never go out of fashion, even though they keep revolving, they are timeless. All of us have at least 4-5 pairs of jeans, sometimes we have more and we keep them around for many different purposes. Sometimes they have a sentimental value, sometimes we still like them and we hope that one day we’ll fit in them and some other times we wait for our old pairs to come back to fashion like they always do. So, in this video, we wanted to help you re-purpose some of your old jeans into new items and show you how you can create more fashionable pieces of clothing just by doing a few adjustments.

In the first video, we show you how to create your own brilliant fashionable phone case using an old pair of jeans. Here is what you need to do – place your phone facing down and using a black marker trace it all around. Then, cut your phone’s outline and set it aside. Wrap some cling film around your phone and pour some PVA glue on top. Finally, place the jean outline you cut previously on top and try to stick it on the glue evenly. Let it sit there until it feels completely dry and voila. Remove the cling film and you are ready to go. cut a few holes on where the camera and buttons are and you just made your self a beautiful jean phone case.

Everyone loves getting new furniture, I don’t know what it is about comfy chairs but if we could, we’d all hoard them. So, we found a brilliant way to help you get rid of old jeans by turning them into an amazing chair with the jean’s legs lifted up so that you can rest your back on them. You simply take 4 pairs of jeans and you stable their legs together. Then you fill them with pillow stuffing and you stable the jeans together just as we demonstrate in the video. Then you finally place your newly created furniture on the corner of a room and you can use it to read books, watch movies on your iPad or just relax.

If you love sewing and crafts and you are looking for cute storage bags for your art and sewing materials we show you a cool way to create your own using a pair of jeans legs. You won’t even need to sew the parts together, the only thing you’ll need to do is to stick the ends together using hot glue. This hack is great if you are looking for a way to organize your work station while still keeping it fashionable.

If you have a tare on your jeans that’s beyond repair, before throwing them away try our little brilliant phone case idea. Simply cut the back pockets of your jeans using a pair of scissors and on top of the pocket slice the middle of it off to make it look like a bag. Then place your phone inside and hang the part you’ve just cut off using your phone charger as a hanger. This hack is amazing because you won’t have to stretch out your chargers cord and no one will ever slip on it by accident. Just by doing this, the area where you charge your phone will seem a lot more organized.

Watch out the whole video to discover all of our brilliant hacks that will get you into sewing in no time and inspire you to re-purpose all of your old clothing items into more useful items you can actually use in your everyday life.

0:07 – Beautiful DIY phone case
0:56 – Brilliant floor chair using jeans
1:44 – Cute storage bags
4:55 – Cool DIY phone holder
5:18 – How to correctly fold jeans and maximize closet space
6:07 – How to patch a hole in your jeans
8:05 – DIY fashionable floral jean cuffs
9:04 – Cool embroidery idea – strawberry
10:15 – DIY jean sleepers
10:58 – DIY jean skirt
11:45 – DIY jean slim fit
11:59 – Cute kitchen apron
12:32 – DIY jean shoulder bag
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